How to write Hindi Text on Images?

How to write Hindi Text on Images?

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There are a variety of ways you may use to write Hindi textbook on images, depending on what you want to achieve and how important time you want to spend on it.


The secret to success when it comes to writing Hindi textbook on an image is to choose the approach that stylish suits your design. Each of these ways has benefits and downsides of its own.


Everything you need to know about writing Hindi textbook on photos will be covered in this blog, from the fundamentals to more advanced styles you can use if you want your results to stand out.

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How to write Hindi Text on images using your phone?

The easiest way to write Hindi textbook on an image is to change your mobile phone’s language and input system. Follow these instructions to do so


Open your Android or phone, and go to Settings.

Click on the fresh setting given in the options.

Select Language and input.

elect the Language option, you’ll get the language English( India) by dereliction.

elect Hindi from the language list.

Go back to the Language & Input area after that.

Tap the dereliction input system button.

Choose Hindi as the input system.


Now, using a picture editor app or another operation, you may add Hindi textbook on images fluently.


How to write Hindi Text on the image using Google Input Tool?

This is another simple way to write Hindi textbook on an image. Follow the way to do

Open your Computer Cybersurfer.

Hunt for Google Input Tool or directly class the URL https//

Now elect the language and input tool

launch codifying what you want on the image.

Still, simply class the Hindi word in the English language, If you do n’t know Hindi codifying. Google will suggest Hindi Word as per your typing.

Copy all the rulings and paste on the image using the textbook input option of your software( similar as Paint).


How to write Hindi textbook on images with Canva?

Canva is an online print editing tool with further than a million accoutrements and prints that are copyright-free. With the use of oil, we’re suitable to snappily edit and add Hindi textbook to any image. Follow the way to do so


Go and subscribe in or register for a new account.

Choose the “ make a design ” button in the upper right and choose any image size that you ask .

Following that, you’ll see a blank runner where you can upload yourphoto.However, class your communication on that screen( or copy the textbook you compartmented using the Google input tool), If not.

also export your image with your Hindi textbooks by clicking the Export icon in the upper right.

You can also download your edited design using the oil Android app; simply log in with the same dispatch address or word.

That’s it we learned how we can add Hindi textbook on any images online and offline with the use of a desktop/ computer and mobile phone. I hope you’ll get the right way for writing Hindi textbook on the image.

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