Greed for Cash

ravenousness for cash

greed is not good

An extremely unfortunate man who was not aware of greed is not good used to gather leafy foods from the timberland day to day to help his family and sell them in the town. A bear used to live in a similar woods from which the man used to take natural products. That bear was exceptionally hazardous.

The unfortunate man generally gave the bear something to eat. For that reason the bear didn’t hurt him.

As the mid year season advanced, the organic products began declining. One day expecting that unfortunate man shared with the bear, presently I can not give you anything to eat. I’m not ready to as expected keep up with my loved ones.

Bear said you come early tomorrow first thing. Anything that you have taken care of me till today, I will offer you a few gifts as a trade off.

As per the bear, the man went promptly in the first part of the day. The bear told the unfortunate that have the opportunity till dawn. You can remove the gold from me however much you need. My mouth will be shut after dawn.

The poor took out some gold from his stomach as he said and expressed gratitude toward him and left from that point.

Now that unfortunate man had become exceptionally rich. Seeing his abundance, certain individuals began envious of him. On one occasion a man asked him what is the mystery of your riches?

The man told everything.

Presently the man put on torn old garments and began going to gather organic products from the backwoods. For a couple of days he likewise behaved like a similar unfortunate man and on one occasion he let the bear know that now I can’t serve you any longer.

The bear requested to come promptly the following day.

The man went promptly in the first part of the day with a major sack. The bear opened its mouth. However, the man had disregarded the dawn while filling the sack.

At the crack of dawn, the bear’s mouth shut and the man went inside until the end of time.

Illustration of the story – Insatiability can never accomplish something useful.

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