Tu Hai Kahan Lyrics

Tu hai kahan lyrics K jab main hadd se aage Badh gaya tha aashiqui mein Yani zindagi ko le raha Mazak hi mein Fir mazak hi main mil gaya Sab khak hi mein Choo kar aaya manzile to Tanha tha main vapasi mein   Jaise phool tode honge Tumne jholi bharke Main wo phool jo … Read more

Husn Lyrics

Husn Lyrics Haan, haan Dekho, dekho, kaisi baatein yahan ki Hain saath par, hain saath naa bhi Kya itni aasaan hai? Dekho, dekho, jaise mere iraade Waise kahaan tere yahan the Haan, kitni naadan main Mere husn ke ilaawa kabhi dil bhi maang lo Naa Haaye, pal mein main pighal jaaun, haan Ab aisa naa … Read more

Tere Hawale Lyrics

Tere Hawale Lyrics   Mainu Chadeya Ishq Mein Rang Tera Ik Ho Gaya Ang Mera, Ang Tera Rabb Mileya Jadd Mileya Maahi Mainu Sang Tera Naa Hoke Bhi Kareeb Tu Hamesha Paas Tha Ke Sau Janam Bhi Dekhta Main Tera Raasta Naa Hoke Bhi Kareeb Tu Hamesha Paas Tha Ke Sau Janam Bhi Dekhti Main … Read more

baseball cap complete guide washing and drying

Washing a baseball cap requires a delicate touch to maintain its shape and color. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to wash a baseball cap effectively: 1. Assess Content: Check the care label on your baseball cap to determine the recommended cleaning method. Most hats are made from materials such as cotton, polyester or a … Read more

The greedy woodcutter story

The greedy Woodcutter Story. There lived a woodcutter named Uttamlal in Vohanpur village. To earn his living, he used to collect wood every day from the forest near the village and earn some money by selling it. By this  he was making his living. After a few days, Uttamlal got married. His wife was a big … Read more

diabetes causes symptoms and treatment

diabetes causes symptoms and treatment

diabetes causes symptoms and treatment In an increasingly fast-paced and modern world, chronic diseases have emerged as significant health challenges. Among them, diabetes stands out as one of the most prevalent and concerning conditions affecting millions of lives worldwide. This article delves into the intricacies of diabetes, shedding light on its types, causes, symptoms, complications, … Read more

How to use export in word

How to use export in word To export a Word document, you have a few different options depending on your specific needs. Here are some common methods: 1. Save as a Different File Format: a. Open your Word document. b. Click on the “File” tab in the top left corner of the screen. How to … Read more

how to use share in word

To use the Share option in Microsoft Word, follow these steps: 1. Open your Word document. 2. Click on the “File” tab located in the top left corner of the Word window. 3. In the File menu, select the “Share” option from the list on the left-hand side. 4. You will see several sharing options: … Read more