The Victory Of Intelligence

the victory of intelligence
the victory of intelligence

The Victory Of Intelligence: A wrestling in shape became prepared in a village. Great wrestlers had come from all of the remote villages. All the wrestlers have been disqualified. Among the gang of wrestlers, Kalu wrestler became the maximum powerful, who has now no longer misplaced a unmarried wrestling in shape until date.
The wrestling software commenced. All the wrestlers wrestled in turn. In the very last degree of wrestling, all of the wrestlers needed to face Kalu, however nobody ought to stand in the front of Kalu.
Finally, the winner of this wrestling opposition became Kalu.
The village sarpanch raised Kalu`s hand and declared him the winner and referred to as him on degree to simply accept the prize of 5 lakhs.
Kalu shouted with inside the crowd and stated, “Is there everyone on this crowd who can defeat me?” If he wins from me, he’ll should pay 5 lakh rupees and if he loses, he’ll should supply me one lakh rupees. Does everyone receive this challenge?
All the youths of the gang commenced searching at every other. No one got here forward. Seeing nobody coming forward, Kalu commenced giggling.
Then a skinny guy got here and stated I need to battle with you.
Both entered the field, absolutely each person became clapping for Kalu. No one even noted Gullu’s name.
Now the wrestling commenced among Gullu and Kalu. Gullu by hook or by crook stored himself and became strolling ahead. Everyone became giggling at Gullu’s stupidity.
Gullu additionally felt that he had made a mistake via way of means of coming in the arena, however if he went again out, he could should pay one lakh.
Gullu used his thoughts and cleverly grabbed him from at the back of and tickled Kalu a lot.
Kalu by hook or by crook rescued him and taken him forward. Next time, as quickly as Kalu raised his hand, Gullu got here out from beneathneath his leg and pulled his legs and Kalu fell down.
The crowd now commenced to roar. Kalu misplaced his consciousness, however by hook or by crook he stood up. Once once more each have been face to face. Once once more, Gullu surpassed beneathneath Kalu’s leg and hit among the knees. Kalu fell down and did now no longer get up once more.
The sarpanch raised Gullu’s hand and declared him the winner. According to the condition, Gullu received 5 lakhs.

The lesson of the story –The force has to bow before the intelligence.

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