Tips and Tricks Microsoft Word for More Productivity

We understand the problems big and small you face in your daily work with Microsoft Word. Here are the solutions to these common MS Word problems in a simple and illustrated way. If you don’t find a solution to your problem in the article below, feel free to ask your question in the comments section. These Microsoft Word tips and tricks are essential for improving your productivity in the office. Plus, in my experience, these tips can save you hours on a cup of coffee. 🙂
Quick Tips
• To select an entire paragraph, quickly triple-click anywhere in the paragraph.

  • Ctrl + click to select sentences. To select a sentence, hold down the Ctrl key and clickanywhere in the sentence.
  • To create a horizontal line,type three dashesand press Enter.
  • Ctrl+ makes a word subscript,Ctrl +Shift + makes a word superscript Pressing deletes the previous word
  • Use theFormat Painter feature to quickly apply specific formatting to a new range apply.
  • Type=rand(8,10) and press Enter to automatically generate random text that you can use to test page formatting, fonts, and more.
  • Press Shift + F5 tomove the cursor to the last saved location.
  • Select Text – PressCtrl + Shift + > here to increasethe font size of the selected text. Use the combination Ctrl + Shift + <
    to decrease the font size. • To quickly create a table, type the plus sign (+) and press Tab. Type plus again and press Tab again. Do this for as many cells as you want in your spreadsheet.

Then press ENTER. And here comes the table!

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These Microsoft Word tips will make your life easier and increase your productivity at work.

Tips and Tricks Microsoft Word for More Productivity

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