13 Tech Blog Post Ideas to delight your audience

Most information technology (IT) companies understand the need for a corporate blog, but struggle to curate topics that are valuable and engaging for their readers. For inspiration, our company’s IT marketing firm shares 13 blog post ideas below.

1. How-To Posts
Write a series of blog posts detailing step-by-step how to solve common challenges customers face every day. You may have a whole new audience asking similar questions but turning to Google for answers.
By having blog posts found in search, IT companies increase brand awareness and thought leadership.

2. Case Studies
Case studies are a great way to show how your brand, product, or service solves a customer problem. By walking you through the process from start to finish, it serves as an illustration of how companies can benefit from working with her IT firm.

3. Product and Service Updates
The majority of IT company blogs are about educating customers about how to take advantage of new services, solutions, and technologies (that is, product updates and features). This article can be briefly summarized as follows.

Name of the product update. Issues that the
update resolves.
Benefits of Renewal for End Users
All necessary steps that the end user must perform.

4. Product Reviews

A great way for IT organizations to build their own blog site is to review their own or other products in their industry. By sharing different opinions, brands can build credibility and help readers choose the right product based on expert recommendations.

100+ MS Word And Window 10 Shortcut Keys and Functions 

5. Content Survey
Hand with marker writes “I have your voice”
What questions would you ask your customers or industry peers given the opportunity? Answers would be in a compelling blog post Or it could be a series of posts. For example, take a look at this content survey produced by CXtec.

This organization surveyed members of the IT community to see how the organization approaches areas such as data security and hybrid support. A lifecycle management company reused its findings to create blog posts, infographics, and videos.

6. Current Trends
The IT industry is constantly evolving. If you’re on top of the latest trends, use your company’s blog to share that information with your readers. This can serve as part of ongoing opinion or simply illustrate how these trends will affect the future of the industry.

7. Video Tutorial
If writing lengthy content isn’t your thing, consider adding a video blog post to your thought leadership page.
In fact, 72% of customers would rather watch videos to learn about a product or service than read text-based content.

You probably have a conversation with a customer every day that could easily be converted to video. Hell, any of the blog post ideas the IT marketing company mentions in this post can be reused as video content.

8. Event or Trade Show Review
If team members at your IT company attend technical conferences, trade shows, or webinars, the company blog is a great place to summarize the lessons learned at these events. Not only will this be a great resource for others in the industry, but the blog summaries are also helpful for colleagues who were unable to attend. Post Idea
It is helpful to weigh the pros and cons of why a customer should consider a particular product or service. Here is a list of pros and cons blog posts that will help the IT community:

The Pros and Cons of Delivering Software as a Service (SaaS)

10. IT Industry Myths
All industries have a common “myth” that must be debunked. The information technology industry is no exception.

Think for a moment about the misconceptions that keep people from using your product or service. Then write a blog post that convincingly explains why they were misinformed or need to reconsider.

11. Customer Testimonials
Your IT company probably has a lot of customer testimonials on their website.
Why not reuse this featured content in your blog post? Besides helping to highlight success stories, customer testimonials are written by unbiased third parties that readers can trust.

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12. Common Mistakes
Did you know that blog post titles with negative keywords have a 63% higher CTR than titles with positive keywords?

Common mistakes the IT community makes and how to fix them Please put this to good use by commenting.

Here are some examples of blog post titles with negative keywords.

5 Common SaaS Implementation Problems and How to Fix Them
5 Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
The Most Common Backup Mistakes in 2020

13. Blog Summary
Content IT Knowledge Do you have a favorite resource when it comes to learning more? Do you turn to books, white papers, social media groups, YouTube videos? I appreciate blogs that recommend outlets. Think of some blogs I’ve already written on similar topics. They are also great CTA resources for generating leads. Just package them up, create a table of contents, and add introductions to discuss the topic. Bam, done.