what is computer

What is computer, the full form of computer is the name of the parts of the computer and who is the father of the computer, if this question is in your mind, then this is only for you, the complete information about what is called a computer is given here.

Introduction to Computers

what is Computer

The word computer is derived from the English word “Compute”, which means “calculation“, that is why it is also called calculator or computer, it was invented to calculate, in olden time computer’s use was only for calculation. It was used for but nowadays it is being used for document making, e-mail, listening and viewing audio and video, play games, database preparation as well as in many other works, such as in banks, educational institutions, offices In, in homes, in shops, computers are being used abundantly.

The computer only does the work that we tell it to do, that is, it only follows the commands that are already inserted inside the computer, it does not have the ability to think and understand, the person who runs the computer It is called a user, and the person who makes programs for the computer is called a programmer.

Computer requires both software and hardware to function properly. If it is said in simple language, then these two complement each other. Software without hardware is useless and hardware without software is useless. Means hardware command is given from computer software, the information about how to work a hardware is already inserted inside the software. Many types of hardware are connected to the computer’s CPU, by creating coordination between all of them, the system software i.e. operating system works to run the computer properly.

who is the father of computer

Charles Babbage is called the father of computer, Charles Babbage was born in London, the official language there is English, so why no word was taken from English itself, the reason is that the technical words of the English language, especially the ancient Greek language And is based on the Latin language, so for the word computer i.e. for a machine that calculates, the Latin language word Comput was taken.

What is the full form of computer

As usually Operated Machine Used in Technical and Educational Research

C – Generally

O – Operated


P- Especially




R – Research

Computer parts Name

Micro processor.

Mother Board.


Hard Disk Drive.


To install sound card.




Computer is basically divided into two parts-



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