How to earn 1$ daily by English blogs

How to earn 1$ daily by English blogs. This post is dedicated to all the  bloggers in the  blogging community who want to start or are currently blogging on any topic in the  language and want to make by Blogging $1 per day passive income from that  blog without work.

If we talk about international blogging or blogging in  any language, then you can achieve the goal of earning one dollar per day from the first month itself. But for a new  blogger earning 1 Dollar per day is like a dream.

how to earn 1$ daily by English blogs

For him, this income acts as a motivation. Motivates him to do blogging. Every New  Blogger has this dream and he says to himself every day; That ‘Once I start earning a dollar per day from my Niche or MultiNiche blog, after that no one can stop me from earning $10 per day blogging.’

How to earn by Multi-Niche  Blog $1 Per Day?

Within a multiniche blog we cover five or more topics. Not only this, most bloggers also write articles on ten to twenty topics/categories. This is the reason why multiniche bloggers sometimes get high and sometimes very low AdSense CPC.

Based on my personal experience I can tell that if you write 20 Evergreen Content Post on XYZ topic. So as soon as you publish these twenty posts, no one can stop you from earning $1 / day from  blogging in the next three months.

Remember, these twenty articles will be such that people can search even after 100 years. If we talk about the word limit, then at least those posts should have 3000 to 5000 words. Also, it is important to have proper SEO in those posts and to update them from time to time. Only then those posts will always rank from top 1 to top 5 in Google.

How to earn from single Niche Blog $1 Per Day?

A single niche blog means creating a blog dedicated to a single subject or topic.

For example you are creating your blog on ‘Traveling’ topic. So you have to write about which places to visit. You have to provide all kinds of information related to tourism on this blog for example

Best Tourist Attraction place

Places to visit before you die

Winter / Summer / Monsoon Tourists Destination

The advantage of creating a single niche blog is that any visitor who comes to your blog has an interest in that area, so he reads more than one article, which overall increases your pageviews (Bounce Rate is reduced) and Earnings also increase.

But there are some Single Niche blog topics which are most profitable. If you create a dedicated  blog on these keywords/topics, then you are starting to earn a dollar every day in the first month after Adsense Approval. Know their names:

How to earn 1$ daily by English blogs.



Stock Market


Make Money Online

Electric Car

Fitness / Health

Travel & Tourism

How to earn from Low Cpc  Niche Blog $1 Per Day?

In  speaking countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Suriname and Cambodia, there are many such Adsense Low CPC Keywords / Topics which get very low CPC so low that it can force you to quit blogging.

For example; Biography, Quotes, Status, Poetry, Jokes, Story. Blogging on all of these in the above countries is pointless. But the good news for you is that despite all these true facts I can tell you the secret of earning $1 Per Day.

Because I have done that too. There are three ways you can achieve this goal with a Low Cpc  Niche Blog!

By writing 100 to 200 High Quality Posts.

By working on Trending Topics.

Write 10-20 posts like this, which is only in  but it is also searched in Tier 1 Country. Like; Us, Uk, Australia, Canada & Uae etc.

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