How to make money in 2024

How to make money in 2024. In today’s world where people are wasting years for jobs to earn money but still people are searching through earning. Unemployment has increased a lot in our country. Are you also unemployed and looking for work, or are you not happy with the job you have, or are you not earning much money from that job?

So that you can meet your household expenses and are worried, then today we are going to share some online jobs with you, we can earn extra money, if you work a little hard then your income can go from thousands to lacs. If you also want to earn at home, then read this post completely. It will be given complete and all information in this post.

How to make money in 2024

social media marketing

If you have a lot of followers in social media marketing, you can generate very good money. You can also generate good revenue by sharing and promoting products and services. You can also generate reel videos and post them on social media. From there you can earn money.


Do you like writing and can you write well? If yes then blogging is the best job. If you know how to generate traffic on your website or blog, then you can earn thousands of money through blogging. You can also write your blog for a company and earn money. This is a very good work, to earn money sitting at home and that too without spending anything. If you like it then you can write well.


For freelancing, first of all you have to create your portfolio. In which you will show all your work, you can do job by showing your portfolio to people. There are many websites where freelancers can find jobs, such as you can earn money by providing your services in many areas like contact writing, web designing and programming.


If you can make some interesting and attractive videos, then you can create your own channel on YouTube and upload videos on it. After having 3000 watch time and 500 subscribers on YouTube, you start generating revenue, and you can earn money in lakhs by uploading good videos.

make money in 2024

Even YouTube is the best platform where you can create your own identity and become a great person. And can also become famous, in today’s time all the Youtubers have become famous and are earning money in lakhs.

Data Entry

earn money: In today’s time, people want to keep all their data in the computer. Now everything has become digital and there is a lot of demand for Data Entry jobs in the market, in this job you should know how to enter data in computer.

To get this job, you may have to go to some company and organization. If there is demand for data entry, then you can work there and earn good money. You can do this job sitting at home and can also do it by going outside. Can.


E-commerce earn money: Online stores have many advantages in comparison to offline stores. Create a website, post all your goods, products and services on the website and start selling. This is a very good job and one can generate very good revenue in this also.

graphic design

By working online in graphic design earn money, you can earn money by creating logos, designs, infographics, illustrations, all this. In this, you can generate money by editing or designing for any company.

web development

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Those who are web developers earn money, they provide their services in some company and earn money, their job is to always maintain and update the website and web application. They go to some company and maintain its website and keep updating it.

Affiliate Market

Affiliate Market Promote your company to other companies and on every sale through your referral link, you will get some commission from your company. Its work is to connect people through likes.

online survey

With the help of online survey, you can ask information about your company or product. Survey form is created. The survey is sent with the help of a link. People open this link in their web browser.

Companies and organizations use feedback to know whether customers are happy with their products or not, to take care of their happiness and to make them even better. In this feedback, people share their experiences about the product and the company. Improves on this.

make money in 2024

In this article you have been advised about some work from home online jobs. There are thousands of such works around the world that you can do online sitting at home, in this you have to invest very little and there is no imitation of income, so do the work you know and earn money.