how to use share in word

To use the Share option in Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

1. Open your Word document.

how to use share in word
2. Click on the “File” tab located in the top left corner of the Word window.

how to use share in word
3. In the File menu, select the “Share” option from the list on the left-hand side.
4. You will see several sharing options:

– Email: This option allows you to send the document as an email attachment directly from Word. Click on “Email” and choose the desired email program or service you want to use to send the document.

– OneDrive: If you have a OneDrive account, you can save and share the document on the cloud. Click on “OneDrive” and sign in with your Microsoft account if prompted. Choose the folder where you want to save the document and set the permissions (e.g., read-only or editing access) for the recipients.

how to use share in word

– Present Online: This option lets you present your document online in real-time. When you choose “Present Online,” Word will generate a link that you can share with others. They can then view the document in their web browser and follow along as you navigate through the pages.

– Other Sharing Options: Under the Share menu, you may also find additional options to share your document through various apps and services installed on your computer, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or other collaboration tools.

how to use share in word


5. Select the sharing option that best suits your needs and follow the prompts to complete the sharing process.

Remember that the available sharing options may vary depending on your specific version of Microsoft Word and the services enabled in your organization or computer.

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